Drone flight over South Crete

Drone flight over South Crete

From palm-fringed oases to the shattering glass of waves, Southern Crete unveils its undiscovered spectrum of hues. Follow the moments, eternal as the sea, Where the island’s breath pauses in the whirl of light and shadow.

Video review of Matala

Matala Crete Greece Walking TourĀ 

Walking in the streets of Little village Matala in South Crete Greece. We are starting our walk from the entrance of Matala then we are visiting the local coffee shops, local shops with souvenirs, walking in the central square of Matala and finally heading to the seaside. Take a virtual walk and imagine you are in holidays in Matala Crete during Summer.
Relax and Enjoy

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Beautiful & strange Matala

Matala’s Whispers In Matala’s embrace, where time finds its repose, Cliffside secrets whisper, as the sea’s story flows.
Pirates echoes linger, in caves carved by the breeze, Turquoise tales unfolding, where legends find their ease.
Sunset hues embrace the shore, a canvas painted gold, Matala, a symphony of tales, beautifully and strangely told.

Video review of Matala cave

Pitsidiya: A fairy tale in the arms of the sea and mountains

Pitsidiya – a southern fairy tale under a blue sky looks at the sea from the heights of its hills.
Vines and bougainvillea dance in the embrace of the sun’s rays.
The wind that carries the sand comes here, And in every breath the aroma of freedom wafts.


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