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Our platform www.south-crete.net/property/ publishes offers from various providers on the topic “Everything about real estate in the south of Crete” that you can list or find your dream property. By using our booking platform, you agree that we only act as an intermediary between you (User/Customer) and the providers (Property Owners, Representatives) and assume no direct responsibility for the services provided.

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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using our website. By using the content of our website and/or booking services you agree to these terms and conditions.

Terms of Use – Customers:

Registration: To access certain features of the page, including contacting providers, or saving favorites, you may need to create a user account. You can register directly on the page or log in using your Google or Facebook account. By registering, you agree to provide accurate and current information and to keep your login credentials secure. You can also delete your account at any time in your Account area.

Property Transaction Terms:

If a user discovers a property listing on our page and we facilitate communication between them and the seller, the user is subject to our terms:

  • Properties for Sale – the user consents to our conditions, obliging them to pay a commission of 2,5% of the property price upon finalizing the purchase contract for real estate objects.
  • Properties for long term rent – the tenant pays half a month’s rent as a rental fee.
  • When booking a service via our website, different payment and cancellation conditions may apply depending on the provider. We usually require a deposit of 10% of the total amount as a deposit when booking services, The remaining payment depends on the terms and conditions of the service provider. Please note the provider’s respective terms and conditions on the listing page, including payment methods and any cancellation fees.

Data protection: Your privacy is important to us. We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Policy, which can be found here: Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use – Providers:

To publish an offer on our platform, real estate providers have two options:

Type 1: Providers with a Contract for Property Listing, Promotion, and Interactions with Customers (Commission 2,5% based)

Type 2: Self-Listing Providers (Fee-based)

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Type 1: Providers with a Contract for Property Listing, Promotion, and Interactions:

  1. Contractual Agreement:
    • Providers who have entered into a contractual agreement with South Crete Net to list, promote, and facilitate interactions with interested parties for their properties are subject to the terms outlined in their contract (see the contract).
  2. Property Listing and Promotion:
    • By engaging in a contract with South Crete Net, hosts authorize us to list and promote their properties on our platform, on all social media channels and on other relevant platforms.
    • Providers agree to provide all necessary details and updates regarding their properties to ensure accurate listings and effective promotion.
  3. Interactions with Interested Parties:
    • South Crete Net establishes contact between providers and interested parties, manages and processes inquiries, organizes appointments and carries out all necessary communication in connection with the listed properties.
    • Providers are responsible for promptly responding to inquiries and handling bookings in accordance with the terms of their contract.
  4. Liability:
    • Providers are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about their properties and for complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
    • South Crete Net acts solely as an intermediary and is not liable for any disputes, damages, or losses arising from interactions between hosts and interested parties.
  5. Contractual Obligations:
    • Providers are required to fulfill all obligations outlined in their contract with South Crete Net, including payment of fees and adherence to listing and promotion guidelines.

Type 2: Self-Listing Providers (Fee-based):

  1. Listing Fee:
    • Providers who self-register and list properties on our platform agree to pay the applicable listing fee as specified.
    • Listing fees may vary depending on the duration and features of the listing (pricing).
  2. Listing Guidelines:
    • Providers agree to abide by our property listing guidelines and provide accurate and truthful information about their properties.
    • Images, descriptions, and pricing should accurately represent the property and its amenities.
  3. Payment and Fees:
    • Listing fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the time of listing.
    • Failure to pay listing fees may result in the removal of the listing from our platform.
  4. Communication and Updates:
    • Providers agree to promptly communicate any changes or updates to their property listings to ensure accuracy.
    • Any inquiries or bookings received for their properties will be forwarded to them for handling.
  5. Liability:
    • Providers are solely responsible for the properties they list and any interactions with interested parties.
    • South Crete Net is not liable for any disputes, damages, or losses arising from interactions between customers and interested parties or the use of properties listed on our platform.

By using our website and booking platform, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree with any part of these terms and conditions, we ask you not to use our website and booking platform.

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If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use, please contact us at info(at)south-crete.net

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Updated: 21.02.2024

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